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Green Illinois

Village of Chebanse


“A Community Gathering”


Our vision statement reads: Chebanse, Illinois is a community dedicated to sustaining our focus on environmental issues, our integrity and health, while improving the quality of life for our residents, our businesses and our visitors and maintaining our home town proud” way of life.


As a community we are moving forward with the information provided and will continue to re-define as we continue creating our vision for the community.


Spring Has Sprung  Bag It  Don't Burn It

It’s great to see the warm temperatures, budding of trees, bushes and plants which brings everyone outdoors. It also brings us outdoors to do clean up around many areas.


To assist with this cleanup of old plants, left over leaves, grass clippings, vegetative matter, etc. the Village of Chebanse is offering to it’s residents once again 10 Bags for each Chebanse household to use. Additional bags can be purchased for $1.35 each bag. Remember, these are stamped bags! Any other type of bag will not be picked up by the disposal company.


The bags will be picked up by Kankakee Sanitary/A & J Disposal on Wednesdays after 6:30 am on a weekly basis, beginning April 2 1st, 2004. Your bags need to be out early in the morning to insure that they get picked up. Please set them out in the same spot you set your garbage bags.


Branches, twigs can be set along the roadside and the Village Mainte­nance Department will pick them up on a weekly basis. Do not place the branches/twigs in the bags unless they are broken up into small pieces.


Stop by the Village Office to pick up your 10 free bags. Contact the Village Office at 697-2214 with any questions.

                       Remember the Village Burning Ordinance is as follows:

Burning of specified materials is only permitted on the 1st and 3rd

Friday and Saturday of the month from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm


Let Your Voice be heard!

   Over the past 18 months, a steering committee of dedicated Chebanse residents have been working to Create a vision for the future of our village. One of the results of the visioning was the creation of the Leaf Bagging Program.  Our Vision statement reads: Chebanse, Illinois is a community dedicated to sustaining our focus on environmental issues, our integrity and health, while improving the quality of life for our residents, our businesses and our visitors and maintaining our "home town proud" way of life.

   Many of you have provided input into our vision; however, it is essential that we have the voice of ALL Chebanse residents. Please join us for at least one of the following community meetings as we work to finalize the goals and objectives of our community vision that will lead us throughout the 21st century

On January 22nd, and January 29th, residents of the community gathered to provide input to the future of Chebanse. Topics were: Air Quality, Infrastructure, Open Space, Businesses, and Parks & Recreation. On February 12, 2004, we “Gathered” to compile the information received working our way to a final vision statement. Each household in atten­dance to at least one of these meetings was credited for two free months of water service. Many wonderful ideas have been shared, some of which can be accomplished fairly soon and others reaching out to the future of Chebanse. Refer to the “Senior Wellness Initiative” section in this newsletter for information regarding the first get together for Seniors on March 19, 2004.


Congratulations to Paul Ducat, the winner of the $500.00 savings bond at the January 22, 2004 meeting. THANK YOU everyone for attending.


Watch for continuing details regarding the Green Communities Grant Program. A concluding celebration will be held sometime in June, 2004.




Friends and Neighbors:


Residents “gathered” on February 12, 2004 at the Chebanse Community Building to continue with the visioning for the future of our Village. Ideas were sorted and placed under one of the following subjects.


   Air Quality


   Community Business

   Open Space

•   Infrastructure


We welcome and encourage all residents to come and participate in this “Gathering” of information.





A Senior Wellness Team is being formed for all area Seniors over the age of 60. The committee will be hosting an afternoon of entertainment on March 19, 2004 at the Chebanse Community Building from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Speaker Theresa Lukow from Provena Senior Care Plus will present a program,

along with entertainment by June Hacker, and re­freshments being served. CONTEST: Name for the Senior Team—Put your thinking caps on and submit a name for the group; it can be funny, clever, descrip­tive of the group—Winner to be announced in April. Please invite a friend to come along—This is NOT just for residents of Chebanse. The Senior Wellness Initiative is a result of the Green Community Grant Program. Any questions, contact Nettie Mills at 697-2316

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