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Facts and Fun



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The New Fuel Gages!  But Gas Companies Do NOT like them!  I Wonder WHY??????











Happy 4th of July!!  Pictured Below, One Chebanse Resident gets into the spirit! 

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An Arm a leg or your next born! How much will you pay for Gas?



Cold Prevention Tips

Though there is no cure for the common cold, there are actions that can be taken to reduce the spread of colds.

Here are 10 tips that may help prevent the spread of colds in your child care facility.

1.  Wash hands. Washing hands literally rinses germs away. Be sure to use soap and warm, running water to best wash germs off the hands. Teach children to say their ABCs while washing so they keep their hands under the faucet long enough.

2.  Donít share cups. Using paper cups can  be helpful to avoid spreading germs. Having  a dispenser of small cups in key areas (e.g., kitchen, bathroom) can help children to make it a habit.


3.      Use paper tissue. It is best to blow the nose on paper tissue and throw it away. It is important to keep the nose gently blown to rid the body of mucous; however, throwing the tissue away immediately is also important because it is a source of cold virus that can be spread by leaving it on a counter, desk, couch, chair, etc.


4.   Donít touch eyes, nose, or mouth. If exposed to someone with a cold, donít touch your eyes, nose, or mouth, which is where germs can be passed. Try to help the children in your care understand how germs can be spread in this way. Encourage children to wash their hands frequently.


5.   Use disposable towels. In the kitchen and other areas, it is best to use paper or other disposable towels instead of cloth towels. Both bacteria and viruses can live on cloth towels for hours.


6.   Keep toys clean. Toys often carry germs. Regularly wash childrenís toys in warm, soapy water to kill bacteria and viruses.


7.   Sneeze away. That is, sneeze away from others and into a tissue that can be thrown away. If you have to cover your mouth with your hands, be sure to wash your hands afterward. Model these behaviors for the children in your care.


8. Ventilate. Open windows when the weather permits because germs may remain stagnant in air. Also, keep

the air moist to avoid nose irritation (a humidifier can be used).


9.   Wipe up germs. Germs may rest on surfaces (up to three hours) that are touched a lot, such as door knobs,

handrails, light switches, telephones, remote controls, and counter tops. Use a disinfectant as often as possible

to wipe them clean.


l0.Donít smoke or allow smoking.

Smoking can irritate the nose and lungs and drastically increase childrenís susceptibility to colds. Itís best to make your environment a smoke-free one. | Village of Chebanse | Search | Email Us | Site Map | Cub Scout Pack 162 | Boy Scout Troop 158 | Webmasters Page | Business Directory | Serving Our Country | Links | Church Directory | Chebanse Lions | Jesse Belle Lane Memorial Park | Winterroth Hardware | Otto Fire Department | Mary Carols Unique Weddings | Halloween | Young At Heart | J + K Antiques and Collectibles | Community Calendar | River Valley Sharpshooters